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Show Car Printing Materials Or Substrates

Show Board & Montage Printing Materials

Show Board Material & Printing Facts

  • All boards are printed using 75 year (minimum) UV inks, minimising the effects of fading in both the sun and indoor lighting.
  • Only top quality, high gloss vinyl and photographic paper is used.
  • All boards (except Auction) are laminated giving further UV and water protection.
  • Our aluminium composite board is the best sign writers quality.
  • The acrylic we use is clear and UV resistant.  It also gives some freedom in doing specialised designs.
  • Our corflute material is the best quality with the smoothest possible outer.
  • If we can’t do the printing in house we will only out source to a company who will produce to our high quality.
Show board Cleaning & Maintenance
  • Cleaning is simple for the Museum, Gold, Silver & Bronze boards.  Clean carefully with a slightly water moistened microfibre cloth working from the centre out (this stops any edges being damaged when cleaning), do not use any cleaners or rub in one spot to much as this could ruin the laminate and the picture under it.  You can then dry carefully with a clean microfibre cloth, again working from the centre out.
  • You can only dust the Auction boards by using a clean cloth and very little pressure, if  Auction boards get any liquids on them, or you rub dust off hard it will probably leave a mark (unless laminated).
  • We guarantee our products for 30 days from defects.  This does not include incorrect cleaning methods, mishandling of the boards, which includes exposing them to extremely high temperatures and liquids other then water.  The guarantee does not include the design as that has previously been ok’d by you prior to printing.