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Why Have A Website?………..because your customers expect you to have one.

Having a website is as important and necessary as having a phone number.

A website enables your business to reach potential and current clients 24 hours a day, 365 days a year!  Your site can educate, inform, generate new customers and revenue while you sleep.

Websites are affordable and give an effective return on investment.  The information on your site can actually save you time and money.  For example, you can save time by reducing phone call Enquiries such as “what are your business hours?” or “what is your address?” How many times have you been in the middle of something and had to stop for those sort of phone calls?  With the advent of smart phones, more and more people are looking up websites for addresses, opening hours etc.. than ever before.  When was the last time you used the internet to look up a business website, I would guess not very long ago!  You can also potentially save money on reducing advertising costs in the Yellow Pages, printed promotional material & other advertising measures.

Does your competition have a website?  If they do, you should have one to.  If they don’t, this is a perfect opportunity for you to differentiate your business from your competition, and get one up on them.

Why have a website?

A better question might be, why wouldn’t you?


How WE Can Help You!

We have been designing websites for many years & specialise in helping small business achieve a quality web presence at an affordable price.  We can do everything from registering your domain, hosting of your site, and of course designing your site, or if you have a domain and hosting service already setup, then we can work with that and do the design of your site.

Our designing is done using a Content Management System (CMS), this means that you can change the ‘content’ of the website yourself at anytime.  Once we design the initial website, we train you in the use of your CMS website so you can perform the changes to your site yourself*.  CMS saves you a huge amount of money per year with the capability of being able to administer the site yourself.  If you are too busy, we can administer your site on your behalf, at a rate that we mutually decide.  We can also do a reporting package on either monthly/quarterly/6 monthly or yearly figures, and of course we are always available for that one off help if you get stuck.

There is one important point that we keep in mind when designing your site, and that is, it is your site, so we work very closely with you to design the site to your liking, and make it work best for your business.  Our position is to bring our expertise to the table so that we can advise and design the site to a level where customers will think ‘WOW’ when they use it.

With the advent of Smartphones, Tablets and other portable internet capable devices it is now becoming a necessity to have your website designed so it reads on all different sizes of screens properly, whether that is a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or a smartphone, we can make sure that your site can be read on all devices, this is what we call a responsive website, as it responds to all different screen sizes available.

Your website needs to make a statement to your potential customers, with the following being very important-

  • Clean lines
  • Easy navigationGotodesign
  • Good plain english information
  • Quality photos (tell a thousand words)
  • Good typography
  • Good colour
  • And much more

We look forward to being able to build you a website that you will be extremely happy with.

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*Extra training above basic handover could incur an extra cost.