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So you want to get your business on the internet?  The first thing you need to do is register a domain name.  A domain name is a unique internet name for your business.  For example –

To see if the domain name you want is available, use our form below to check.  If it is unavailable, you will have to think of another name.  Once you have decided on a domain name, please fill out our order form here, we will then send an invoice to you, once this is paid we register your domain.

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If the domain you have requested is already registered, and you want to know more information about it, we can do a FREE search for you which will give the following information – Registrar ID, registrar name, status, registrant, registrant ID, (ABN, ACN etc..), eligibility type (Company, Sole Trader etc..), registrant contact name and name servers.  If you would like this search done, please fill out the form below and we will email the information to you.

Domain Transfers

If you have registered a domain with another provider and would like to transfer the domain across to Digital Darkroom to take advantage of having your website, hosting and domain all in the one location, you will need to go to to get the AUTHCODE so that we can transfer the domain.